About Skills Careers

Empowering Careers-Building Futures

Our Skills Careers tool provides candidates with the opportunity to build their resume, create a personal profile page, find and apply for jobs, and match their capabilities through interest assessments, competency tests, and specialist endorsements.

Companies can advertise their jobs, find the right talent based on assessments, and link their company profile or social media links with the Skills Careers website to showcase their organizational culture.

We offer valuable resources for both candidates and companies, including career planning and interviewing tips, as well as industry news.

Our Story

The concept of developing a career platform for integrated human resources solutions came to realisation in 2021 through the Skills Careers project. This project received support from Australia Awards – Sri Lanka and Maldives as part of a small grant scheme.

Hyperlink Australia Awards to https://australiaawardssrilanka.org/alumni-from-sri-lanka-secure-grants-to-help-respond-to-the-impacts-of-covid-19/